Memmingen Airport Information

Memmingen Airport (IATA: FMM) is a small public airport located in the town of Memmingerberg in close proximity to the city of Memmingen, Germany, in the Swabia region. It is one of four airports in Bavaria with commercial air service and it has the highest elevation of all of Germany's commercial airports. Prior to 2008-09-25, it was known as Allgau Airport/Memmingen.

In 1935, a military airfield was built at Memmingerberg. It was used during World War II. After being rebuilt, it was used for US Air Force training flights from 1956.

Ryanair announced in March 2009 seven new routes to/from Memmingen starting May 2009. Ryanair have continued to announce new routes and from May 2010 Ryanair will operate 14 routes.

Here are some of the major Airlines that service Memmingen Airport:

  • Air Berlin
  • Air Italy
  • Ryanair
  • Sky Airlines
  • Wizz Air Ukraine
  • TUIfly

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